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Sarah Jessica Parker is an Emmy award-winning actress and mom who has also made her mark as a style icon. For six seasons, fans welcomed Sarah Jessica and her Sex and the City co-stars into their living rooms every week just to see what the shoe-obsessed fashion plate was wearing!

This fall, Sarah Jessica will return to the big screen in a film with Dennis Quaid and Thomas Haden Church. "It's called Smart People and it's a really great, smart movie about love and the complications of being an adult and making decisions. And it's about really smart people who are complicated," she says. "I'm really, really excited about it. It was a really great experience."

"You seem to be excited about a lot," Oprah says. "You live life with great passion."

"Well, I have a lot to be grateful and excited for and about, and it's hard to sort of behave any other way," Sarah Jessica says.
FROM: Sarah Jessica Parker: Fab Without a Fortune
Published on January 01, 2006


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