Royal Wedding Souvenirs
Browse this gallery of knickknacks commemorating the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Royal wedding commemorative teacups and plates
What better way to celebrate the ultimate British event—Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding—than with paraphernalia for the ultimate British tradition—afternoon tea!
Royal wedding commemorative saucers
Teacup Saucers
Hold out your pinky for these commemorative saucers.
Royal wedding commemorative tea tins
Tea Tins
Any true fans of William and Kate need tea tins to store their Earl Grey and English breakfast.
A royal wedding commemorative teapot
And, of course, a William and Kate teapot for steeping and pouring.
A royal wedding commemorative tea towel
Tea Towels
And a proper William and Kate tea towel for washing up.
"Thanks for the Free Day Off" plate
"Thanks for the Free Day Off" Plates
Even those who aren't particularly interested in the pomp of William and Kate's wedding have something to celebrate in England. This £35 plate thanks the couple for "the free day off."
Royal wedding commemorative figurines
Porcelain Figurines
Fans of William and Kate will have no trouble thinking of England with this set of porcelain figurines on their mantels.
Royal wedding commemorative key rings
Key Rings
For William and Kate, their rings will be key; for their subjects, there will be key rings.
Royal wedding commemorative magnets
Refrigerator Magnets
What better way to keep grocery store coupons, children's artwork and holiday cards affixed to the refrigerator than a royal wedding magnet?
Royal wedding commemorative shot glass
Shot Glasses
Cheers! Citizens of the former British Empire all around the globe will toast William and Kate's life together with commemorative shot glasses.
Royal wedding commemorative lighter
After a few pints, some Brits will probably want to step out for a smoke—lighting up with a William and Kate lighter.
Royal wedding commemorative ashtray
And they can dispose of their celebratory cigarettes and cigars in a royal couple ashtray.
Royal wedding commemorative condoms
"Lie back and think of England" with these souvenir condoms.
Royal wedding commemorative sick bags
Sick Bags
If watching hereditary monarchs parade about town in their finest clothes during a global economic downturn makes you feel ill...well, there's a souvenir for that too.