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According to Stanley, the appearance of derogatory terms in some hip-hop lyrics have "normalized" their use, causing some people to think it is okay to say them.

"[The hip-hop community] can't explain to these women why it's okay for them to be denigrated in order for them to make money because finally, to me, when we look at it—this is purely a pimp game," Stanley says. "That is, that the women are supposed to suffer so a handful of knuckleheads become wealthy."

Diane agrees. "I think people should lose their jobs. I think they should lose their contracts. Just like Imus lost his job. I think we have to go to the record companies. They have to know it's not acceptable [and] if you keep doing this kind of music the contract is off."

Ultimately though, Stanley says black women need to take a stand. "I think that the women have to take the lead. I mean, they have to do the same thing that Harriet Tubman did, Rosa Parks, all of these women that helped up the civil rights movement. Because the humanity of the black female can magnetize everybody."

Bruce says we should also look at ourselves. "There are producers of this content, and there are consumers of this content," he says. "We are allowing our kids to consume it."
FROM: After Imus: Now What?
Published on January 01, 2006