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Now that the door is open to discussing the issues, what do we do next? Jason says both men and women, led by the black community, should stand up for what they believe. "I think we need to continue to criticize and self-analyze our leadership. We don't criticize our leadership for fear of being called a sellout," he says. "Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are going to get on board if we pressure them to do this, and they'll jump on the entertainment industry the same way they did Don Imus."

Asha suggests diversifying the media to include artists with a more positive point of view. "We should be hearing more from India.Arie all the time. People who are doing great things out there should have the contracts."

The Rev. Al Sharpton says our goal should be to "lift everyone above this name-calling and this denigration that we've accepted. … It is a hole in America's soul, but we've got to fill it up," he says. "I think we've got to go at the music. We've got to go at the broadcast. We have to go everywhere that has engaged in the commercializing of denigration and marginalization of people."
FROM: After Imus: Now What?
Published on January 01, 2006


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