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Jackie Lynch pled no contest to one misdemeanor count of child neglect, was put on one year's probation and ordered to pay $140 in court costs. Brian followed her trail to a small Alabama town and the confrontation was captured on tape in 2002. When Brian asked her about the children, Jackie said she had nothing to say. Her husband, Frank Lynch, was more vocal. "Don't take no damned pictures around here of me," he told Brian. "I'll break that [camera] in a heartbeat."

The children now live with loving, adoptive parents who say that watching this confrontation has been a major turning point in the siblings' lives. "You faced their demon. They thought the people didn't believe what had gone on. When you went on TV and you faced their previous parents, you made sure that they know now people do believe them."

Brian says this is one of the most important stories of his career. "I'm happy to say that the top official in Florida resigned three months after our story. There was some sense of justice for these children. ... I think that we [as journalists] have a job to go after the powerful and make sure that they are accountable for what they've done."
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Published on January 31, 2006


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