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The police report made at the time the children were discovered describes nightmarishly inhumane and dangerous conditions. The children say for five years their foster mother, Jacqueline Lynch, locked them in a small barren room with one dog bowl of food and no toilet. In addition to regular beatings, the children say they endured sadistic torture at the hands of Lynch's teenage son. One brother remembers standing by helplessly as his siblings were taped into a large plastic crate and dumped into the swimming pool.

"I used to think I wished I was dead," says one child, "so I didn't have to be in this stupid place."

Brian says Lynch received $150,000 as the children's foster mother while caseworkers turned a blind eye to the abuse. Despite tips from teachers about possible mistreatment, official reports contained nothing but high praise for the Lynches. One file read, "Excellent foster parents. A secure, loving home." Finally, Brian says, a neighbor called a child abuse hotline and police responded. The six children were discovered huddled together in their room, emotionally battered and malnourished.
FROM: Lisa Ling Goes Inside One of the World's Most Dangerous Gangs
Published on January 31, 2006


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