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Christopher's and Dana's son Will was almost three years old when his father had his tragic accident.

Oprah: So what are your favorite memories?

Will: I would have to say just the common bond of hockey. He was one of the biggest hockey fans I know, and I love hockey as well. He used to love coming to my games and we used to go to New York Ranger games all the time and we'd just talk about that non-stop, and it was just really fun to be able to share something that we both loved so much. It was really nice.

Oprah: And so how are you coping with him not being here?

Will: It's definitely weird, but I try to remember him and all of the great things and the great person that he was. And I try to just live like he did and if I can be half the guy he was, I'll be a great guy.
FROM: Dana Reeve's First Interview Since Christopher's Death
Published on February 16, 2005


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