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Dana McCarty was a bright, athletic teenager with a dangerous hobby: Motocross racing. But a race on one Sunday morning would be his last. In his fifth lap, Dana hit a hole and flipped about five times. When doctors told him he would never walk again, Dana contemplated suicide. "I was at the bottom," he says. "You can't get lower than what I was."

But a Superman was about to change Dana forever. Dana saw Christopher Reeve on TV, and was inspired by his dedication to life. "I right then and there [decided] that I wasn't going sit in that room for the next eight years of my life," Dana says. "I was going to make the most of it."

Dana had a message for Dana Reeve: "I want you to know that even though your husband is no longer with us, he remains a mentor and my role model for life. The strength and compassion he showed us all drives me each day to try to overcome my own personal hurdles. … I hope that one day I can help make a difference like he did. He not only changed my life, he saved it."
FROM: Dana Reeve's First Interview Since Christopher's Death
Published on February 16, 2005


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