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Some of Christopher's friends sent their messages of love:

Glenn Close: Chris is one of the smartest, most articulate people that I have ever known. He was sharp as a tack and very, very funny…Having known him when he was at his most glorious and seeing him develop into the great man that he did become in that chair, I still took it for granted that he would always be around.

Robin Williams: He had the ability to deal with this incredible setback and give focus to something that had been, up 'til that point, [what] people considered a lost cause. He still continued to direct, act, write—all of these things in the face of this, which was extraordinary…[When] I found out about Chris' death…it blindsided me. I still feel he's around. I feel like at any moment I can call him, but he's gone.

Alec Baldwin: Dana, I guess the one thing that people would find out about you as a result of Chris' accident is what an incredibly strong person you are. My prayers are with you.
FROM: Dana Reeve's First Interview Since Christopher's Death
Published on February 16, 2005