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Carol Leifer, the comedienne and writer behind some of Jerry Seinfeld's biggest laughs, also got her first shot at the director's chair. She says she was "all over" this project.

"You know how they say squeaky wheel gets the grease? Call me Squeaky," Carol says. "This opportunity is so rare. To break into directing in Hollywood is almost impossible. And the catch 22 of it is if you want to direct, they'll say, 'What have you directed before?' So it's kind of a vicious cycle."

Blinders is the story about a woman looking for love in the big city. Carol says she loved the humor in the story. "What I loved about it was I have so many girlfriends who are single who complain about never meeting anybody, and they're smart and attractive and successful," Carol says. "And then you spend an afternoon with them and you see that people are flirting with them left and right and they're just not picking it up. They're just not open to it."
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Published on October 16, 2006