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Alfred Molina and Katherine Waterston star in Orchids, the story of a woman who takes a risk, answers a personal ad and meets the man of her dreams. Bryce, who is expecting her first child, chose Elizabeth's story because it was "like a fairy tale come true."

"I thought that's so fantastic. I mean, here's a woman who's experiencing loneliness, and she's willing to come out of herself and take a risk and meet someone and everything works out," Bryce says.

Bryce says she took a risk herself in co-writing and directing the film by putting some of her own fears in the story line. "I was writing so, so much my whole life and just never showing it to anyone," Bryce says. "[The main character] is a photographer and then in one moment he asks her, are you any good? And she says, 'I don't know. I don't develop them.' And it was my way of just kind of purging that."

So what's it like for Elizabeth to see her life adapted to the big screen? "I'm very honored and Ben would be very honored," Elizabeth says.
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Published on October 16, 2006


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