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Room 10 stars Hollywood legend Kris Kristofferson and Robin Wright Penn. What was it like for them to work with the rookie director?

"I have so much respect for Jennifer as an actress, it's very easy for me to take direction from her," says Kris. "I think I'll get more work if there are more women directors!"

Robin Wright Penn, Sean Penn's wife, plays Colleen in this movie. "I was approached first with ... 'Hey, you want to do this short that Jennifer Aniston's directing?' And I said, 'Yeah, I do!' because I always loved her from afar," Robin says. "And then they told me that it was stories made by women for women and I just thought, what a great opportunity. This is the new millennium for women. Women are in film. They're here. There is a pulse. It's just we need to open the screen door."

Robin says she felt "girl power" on the set. "I loved working with Jennifer," Robin says. "She's very in tune and a very calm presence. There's such a genuine feeling on the set, just, you know, girls. There was a real sense of that community. And she being the leader, she was incredible."

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FROM: Jennifer Aniston's New Passion
Published on October 16, 2006


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