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Room 10 is based on a short story written by Colleen Goldrick, a mother and nurse from New Jersey. Colleen wrote about a couple who changed her life forever.

Colleen's own "fairy tale" was not turning out the way she had imagined it—her marriage had ended and her dream job had left her feeling cynical. "One thing I found out about nursing is that a lot of elderly people die alone, they die without family," says Colleen. "To see it time after time starts hardening your heart a little bit."

She writes, "I never thought I would find beauty in death, but one day I did. I was working as an RN and taking care of an elderly man who was dying. He was unconscious. And when I came on duty, no one was with him. I came back into the room and sitting there next to him was a very elegant elderly lady dressed beautifully holding his hand and talking to him. She noticed me and introduced me to her husband of 60 years. She told me that today was going to be the day she lost her John."
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Published on October 16, 2006