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Jennifer recently joined forces with Glamour magazine to do something that she's never done before—direct. Glamour held a contest where thousands of women submitted their real life stories about defining moments that made them stronger, wiser and victorious. The winning stories were then made into short films directed by award-winning actresses and writers.

Jennifer is making her directorial debut with Room 10, a film she co-directed with one of her best friends, documentary producer and director Andrea Buchanan. "At first it was the idea, I think, that was scary," says Jennifer. "Once we hit the ground running, there was no fear at all."

Although they were given about 30 stories to choose from, Jennifer says she knew the first story she read was the one she would direct. "We were on a ski trip and they were all skiing and I was not skiing—I just couldn't, it just wrecked me," she says. "It was so beautiful...So universal...A story that everyone will relate to."
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Published on October 16, 2006