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Marc describes the differences between designing for the French luxury house Louis Vuitton and his namesake line. "We work through inspirations and themes," Marc says. "Working on Marc Jacobs bags—it comes from a very personal place. Something more poetic. Sensitive. Casual. Urban."

Oprah shows off one of her favorite Marc Jacob's creations, a handbag designed for Louis Vuitton. "Louis Vuitton is more bling," says Marc. "It's more luxury, it's more about really unusual materials—the combination of those things—and working with the iconic monogram which has existed for a hundred and some-odd years. We had to update it and tweak it and make it desirable today."

In fact, Marc's bags are so desirable, they've sparked a knockoff frenzy. Marc says counterfeiting is "just wrong," but explains why he's flattered by all the fakes. "[T]o be involved in something, the creation of something, that's so desirable by so many, that people want to copy it—so that they can get it out there to more people—that is a flattering thing," says Marc. "To know that you've created something ... that people covet."
FROM: Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Barbie: The Real People Behind the Big Names
Published on February 27, 2006


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