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Strangers Save Driver of Gasoline Tanker
Would you have the split-second courage to save the life of a total stranger? Michael and Latoris, along with their friend Cedric, who is now serving overseas in the military, were such heroes. While traveling home from a basketball game, they came across a horrific accident.

Joel had been driving his gasoline tanker on a Detroit highway when, suddenly, another truck cut into his lane. When his tanker filled with 13,000 gallons of fuel hit the truck, Joel's vehicle flipped on its side, instantly becoming a death trap. Joel jumped through the fire out of the tanker, but then blacked out. Michael, Latoris and Cedric all ran to his rescue. Moments after they pulled him to safety, Joel's tanker exploded.

"My wife and I cannot thank these guys enough," says Joel. "There are no words to put in my mouth to express to them. What they did was so miraculous. They shouldn't even have been there."
FROM: Meet the Heroes in the Headlines
Published on December 01, 2004