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Ricky Martin and the Miracle Baby
After the December 26, 2004 tsunami devastated communities throughout the Indian Ocean, Ricky flew to Thailand to do what he could to help. In the midst of so much gut-wrenching heartache, Ricky found a little miracle.

A baby, nicknamed Little Wave, was the last unclaimed orphan at a local hospital in Phuket. He was found abandoned in a park with a short note pinned to his blanket. "Please adopt this baby. I cannot afford to take care of him. His parents are missing because of the tsunami disaster at Patong. If you cannot adopt this baby, please take him to the orphanage adoption center."

"The nurses of this hospital are taking care of this baby like a treasure," Ricky says. "Like what he is: like a gem."

Little Wave is a big local hero whose story is a beacon of hope to a community that has lost so much. But he is still not entirely safe from the danger of child traffickers.

Learn more about Ricky's work through The Ricky Martin Foundation at www.rickymartinfoundation.org.
FROM: Ricky Martin Travels to Meet Tsunami Orphans
Published on January 24, 2005


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