Wayne Powers and Ted Rodrigue


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Ted says he not only spent or gave away all $100,000, he actually owes more money now than he did before. "I thought it would erase all my problems. I thought I would never be homeless again," he says. "But, like I said, I made a couple of bad choices."

Ted says some of those bad choices include his expensive truck, getting his teeth fixed, giving so much money away, turning down various job offers, and his marriage—which ended, he says, when his wife left him as soon as the cash ran out.

"It was a frustrating process, in a way, because I think that there were a lot of opportunities sent Ted's way," Wayne says. "And while you're with someone, and the closer you get to them, and the more that you kind of root for them and understand them, the more frustrating it gets when those opportunities are passed by. I think that it shows that, from a personal story, people that are homeless, there are certain demons inside them. ... I think alcoholism plays a part of that. I learned that in providing somebody with the necessities to be able to turn their life around, a car, a telephone, a roof above their head, a driver's license, all the things that we hear is what somebody needs to be able to turn their life around, it still, unfortunately, in this particular case, was not enough."

Back living on the street, Ted says, "I'm not happy, but I'm contented."
FROM: Are You Ready for a Windfall?
Published on December 01, 2006


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