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After stints in rehab and in prison, Nadine says she did a lot of work on herself and realized she had been trying to fill a hole in her heart with material things. She says she thought she needed the fancy car, the clothes and the trips to make her happy. "[I didn't realize] that man makes the money, money doesn't make the man," she says.

Since then, Nadine has been picking up the pieces and rebuilding her life. She's been clean for five and a half years. "It was a long, rough road," she says.

She's currently running three clothing boutiques with her sister. The stores are called Purdy Girl, and Nadine does the buying for all three locations. She's also living in an apartment with her children and managing her finances.

"I don't have a lot of extra. I pay my bills, [but] it's tough," she says. "I wouldn't mind having the money that I had back then, but I definitely don't want the lifestyle. I'm so much happier with the way that I am now."
FROM: Are You Ready for a Windfall?
Published on December 01, 2006


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