Q & A with Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus and Oprah
When Miley Cyrus, star of the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, appeared on The Oprah Show, she surprised some of her biggest (and littlest) fans. Some of her devotees want to know more about their favorite teen sensation, and Miley's back to answer their burning questions!

At age 15, Miley—the daughter of country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus—has already accomplished a lot, skyrocketing to stardom on Hannah Montana. In the show, Miley plays Miley Stewart, who lives a normal teenager's life—until she dons a wig and transforms into rock star Hannah Montana. Miley is a real-life multi-platinum recording artist, as well, selling out tours across the nation.

Not every teenager has enjoyed so much success, so Oprah wants to know—what's it like to be Miley?

"It's fun and it's exciting, and there's a lot of cool perks and things that I get to do, but it's also a lot like normal kids," Miley says. "I still have to do school, and I still make time to hang out with my friends, because that's what's most important."