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Now, Oprah turns the interview over to an audience packed with Miley fans so they can ask the questions they most want answered!

What's your biggest influence in life, for music?
"My dad—he's a big influence not only just because of the music, but growing up around him. I've never seen him treat anyone less than with respect and love for everyone, down to the fans that wait until 3 in the morning until his bus pulls out at 5," Miley says.

Who inspired you to become an actress and a musician?
"Hilary Duff ... because she's someone that I got to watch, and I'm like, 'Hey, she's a normal girl and she's going to do things,'" she says. "I'm sure it wasn't always easy for her, and it's not going to be that way for me either, so I have to keep going. That was someone I could look up to because I thought she was just like me and made it through."
FROM: Burning Questions for Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus
Published on December 20, 2007


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