Press Your Luck
Howie Mandel on the set of 'Deal or No Deal'
You don't have to spin a wheel, answer trivia questions or have a complicated strategy to win a million bucks on the megahit game show Deal or No Deal. Each week, more than 15 million viewers tune in to watch contestants test their luck. With 26 models, a mysterious banker and host Howie Mandel running the show, the excitement is contagious!

The show begins with 26 briefcases, which hold different amounts of money—from as little as one penny to as much as $1 million. Contestants have no idea how much money is in each case. To start the show, they must pick the one they think contains the grand prize. Then, the player begins opening the remaining cases…one by one.

To complicate matters, an unidentified banker works against the contestants to make sure they walk away with as little money as possible. As cases are opened, the banker tries to buy them off. The players can accept the banker's deal and walk away with guaranteed cash. Or, if they're feeling lucky, they can reject the offer in hopes that the first briefcase that they chose contains a higher sum.

Nerve, instinct and intuition guide players through the game. Some walk away with thousands, while others aren't so lucky.