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Howie and the Deal or No Deal crew brought a special version of the show all the way from Los Angeles just so Oprah can play on her own stage! A backdrop of the Chicago skyline pulls away and 12 models are standing by with 12 cases. Oprah's ready to play—and to hopefully make one audience member $100,000 richer! "Coach her along because it's your money," Howie tells the audience.

Oprah begins by picking the case with her favorite number—8—but she has to open all the others to find out if she hit the jackpot. She starts with case 11, which to Oprah's shock, contains that $100,000 prize! "I'm sorry!" Oprah says. "I was going to pick that as my other one!"

Still, Oprah's in it to win it—an audience member can still walk away with $75,000.

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Turning down every offer from the mystery banker, Oprah keeps fighting for that prize. "My heart's pounding," she says. "I need a tequila. I should have had a tequila."
FROM: Oprah Plays Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel!
Published on January 01, 2006


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