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Michelle, a contestant from Long Island, New York, says she'd never won anything in her life until she stepped onto the Deal or No Deal stage.

Unlike some players, Michelle didn't depend on a complicated strategy. She simply chose the briefcases in sequential order, starting with 1. She rejected every offer from the greedy banker, even after it topped $500,000!

Relying on her instincts, a lot of guts and a little help from her husband, Michelle sealed the deal and won a whopping $750,000—the highest payoff in the show's history!

Looking back at her nail-biting performance, Michelle says she was very stressed during the final moments of the show. "It was the most intense emotions I could ever, ever imagine experiencing in my entire life," she says.

Now that she's almost a million dollars richer, Michelle says she and her husband, who she calls her good luck charm, can start saving for their future. "We're young and we have dreams," she says. "We want to have a house that fits a family someday."

Another highlight of Michelle's game show experience was meeting Howie, an actor and comedian who's been making audiences laugh for decades. "[Howie is] incredible," Michelle says. "He's such a great guy."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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