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Just two years before winning big at the CMA Awards, Carrie says she was sitting at home in Oklahoma watching the same awards show on television. Now, Carrie is the first artist in 10 years to have three singles off her first album reach number one on the country charts.

"I always swore to myself, if I was meant to sing then somehow the right doors would open up and I would know it," she says. "Sure enough, American Idol came along and there it all was just, bang, right there."

Carrie boarded her very first airplane when she traveled to Hollywood for her Idol audition, but now she travels all over the country performing for her fans. Carrie says performing is her favorite part of being famous. "[I get] to do what I love to do. I get to sing every night, and I've never dreamed that would be possible to be able to go to awards shows and sit on the couch with [Oprah] and do things like that. It's all just amazing."

Although Carrie became a star the moment she stepped onto the Idol stage, she never lost sight of previous goals. Carrie went back and finished college after landing a recording contract.

"I think the world needs more women like you who still understand no matter how many wonderful things happen to you, there is a value in education," Oprah says.
FROM: Carrie Underwood, Tony Bennett and Josh Groban
Published on December 11, 2006


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