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Tony, Michael, Carrie and Josh appear on many people's iPods, but what are they listening to?

Tony says he listens to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie. Does Tony have his own songs on his iPod? "Yep," Tony says, "Just a few songs."

Michael says he has the entire Tony Bennett collection on his iPod, and he admits to listening to himself sometimes too. "Sometimes I think, 'Oh, Michael, you're so good,' he jokes. "And then other times I think, 'You know, it would've been really effective if I had sung that in the same key that the band is playing.'"

Carrie says she listens to a wide variety of music including rock, country and "everything in between." However, Carrie says listening to her own songs is not something she enjoys.

"I really hate listening to myself," she says. "But sometimes if I don't sing my songs for a while, I need a little refresher to make sure I remember all the words."

Josh also likes to mix things up. His iPod includes Tony, Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock and Bjork—and he occasionally listens to his own music, but not "You Raise Me Up," he says. "I've taken a break from listening to that one."
FROM: Carrie Underwood, Tony Bennett and Josh Groban
Published on December 11, 2006


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