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Kristen is one of the true victims of the Internet age. "I am the queen of accidentally replying to the person that I'm gossiping about in the e-mail," she says. "I've destroyed multiple friendships by doing this. I also have, in one instance, hit 'Reply to All' and sent a company proposal directly to my competitors."

Randy says Kristen has to apologize for what she's already done. "And here's the hard part: You have to mean it," he says. "And you can make amends in some way. You know, sending flowers is not amiss here. You have to demonstrate that you really regret what you did, and you really won't do it again."

He also advises starting to use an underappreciated function in your e-mail program—the 'Drafts' file. "Look at it tomorrow. Reconsider," he says. "It's the e-mail equivalent of counting to 10 before you, you know, punch a guy."

Faith's answer is less technical. "You called yourself the queen. I think you have to decrown yourself," Faith says to Kristen. "You just have to never gossip on e-mail again."
FROM: How to Handle Life's Stickiest Situations
Published on June 02, 2009


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