Should Michelle tell the girl's daughter what she texted to her son?

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Michelle faces a delicate dilemma involving her 12-year-old son. Michelle says her son recently met a pretty girl his age. Just as they were about to share a kiss, they got interrupted. The next day, Michelle says the girl texted her son repeatedly and told him she wanted to "go to second base" with him.

Then, Michelle says the girl wrote him offering oral sex and told him she loved him. To make matters worse, news of the girl's text has made it around the neighborhood. "My son was very upset. I was very upset, needless to say. But there was a side of me that said, 'Should I call this 12-year-old girl's mother and let her know what's going on?' Or is it not my place to do that and just deal directly with my son on this matter?" To complicate matters, Michelle says she's never met the girl or her family before.

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Published on June 02, 2009