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Oprah says she knows all about being on the receiving end of this sort of advice. "I was at an awards ceremony, and I was very, very much overweight. And what happens when you're overweight—everybody knows this—you just try to do more. You try to put on more bangles, more this and whatever," she says. "I thought when I looked in the mirror, 'God, I think this is too much makeup.' So I said to the makeup artist, 'I think this is too much makeup.' He goes, 'Oh, no, you'll look great on TV.'

"Bill Cosby came up to me and pulled me aside, and he said, 'Sis, I want to tell you something because nobody else is telling you this.' He goes, 'You look like you just walked out of a morgue. ... You have entirely too much makeup on your face. Everybody knows it. You know it. But I had to tell you.' I was very grateful to him for doing that."

"In that moment were you grateful?" Faith asks.

"In that moment I wanted to cry!" Oprah says. "But I just thought, 'What a really nice thing you did, Bill.'"

"The people who acted really badly in this situation were your hair and makeup people," Randy says. "They didn't tell you what they genuinely thought, and that was their job there. They owed you that honesty."

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Published on June 02, 2009


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