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Who's Oprah's first pick? None other than the "first" female president of the United States—and Academy Award®-winning actress—Geena Davis! She may only play the president on TV, but Geena and Oprah agree that the show is history in the making.

Geena's new ABC drama, Commander in Chief, begins with tragedy in the White House. After the president dies of a brain aneurysm, Geena's character, the vice president, takes his place in the Oval Office—despite protest.

When Geena first heard about the role, she jumped at the chance to play President Mackenzie Allen. "It's incredible," Geena says. "Everything that I've cared about sort of just culminates in something like this...to be able to play a part like this when I care so deeply about women's images in the media."

Oprah believes that Geena's groundbreaking role can help pave the way for the first real Madame President. "The fact that you have taken this position as an actress and this show is on TV really does, in the mind-set, clear the way for the possibility of a female president," Oprah says.
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Published on October 17, 2005