Sabriye Tenberken

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Sabriye and her boyfriend Paul opened Braille Without Borders* in order to help children around the world "stand up in society and say, 'Hey, I'm blind. So what?'" Thanks to her school in Tibet, blind children who were once outcasts can now read, write, use computers and speak in three languages—giving them the skills to be the main breadwinners in their families! Sabriye chronicles her mission in her new book, My Path Leads to Tibet.

"I think the fact that I go out there and I'm not ashamed of myself," Sabriye says, "and I'm not ashamed to be blind—that made the people think that they also want the same for their own children.

"People very often see only the reasons why things are not possible," Sabriye says. "They never think of the one reason why it is possible. ... A lot of people, they see problems. This is a good thing about being blind: You don't see the obstacles!"
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Published on October 17, 2005


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