The Pay It Forward Challenge
Katie runs down the street filling parking meters for strangers.
With seven days to complete her challenge, Katie Dziengel of Racine, Wisconsin, decides to do a new random act of kindness every day of the week. On the first day, she buys groceries for two families she finds in line at the store. Next, she helps out at a local meal program, where she also donates hats and mittens to children. She also gives thermoses to people who spend time outside. Then she buys a basket of geese, ducks and chicks for a family from Heifer International, a company that provides livestock to help people support themselves.

Then Katie makes her money go even further! She buys sneakers for two children who need them, feeds parking meters for strangers and gives grocery store gift cards to a 92-year-old woman on a fixed income. Katie also donates a video camera to San Juan Diego Middle School to help develop students' confidence by recording their music classes.

Katie says all that giving was "exhilarating." "I want more people to get involved in the community, to give, to get that feeling of happiness, purpose and hope!" she says.