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Since so many people chipped in to help the children with asthma, Kerman Hayes decides to pool his unused $1,000 with his friend Casey Drewes. The pair decides to use their Pay It Forward Challenge cash to take a second-grade class out for a day of fun.

"We really wanted to find some classes or some kids that were just really underprivileged and didn't have a lot of opportunities to have different experiences," Kerman says.

To get the day started, Casey and Kerman arrive at West Gate Elementary School in West Palm Beach, Florida, to pick up the kids in a Hummer stretch limousine! Then, with all 17 second-graders in tow, it was time for their first stop—the Gap—where every child got to pick out one item of clothing. Next, it was off to Barnes & Noble, where the children listened as a storyteller read them a book. To end the day on a happy note, each second-grader gets to pick out two books to take home.

"I believe they will remember this day forever. Many of the children never have this opportunity, and the happiness you saw in their faces was overwhelming," Casey says.


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