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Joellyn Jolly has no trouble finding a worthy recipient for her challenge money. She already mentors 18-year-old Martinus Sanders, a resident of St. Peter's Home for Boys in Detroit. A talented artist, Martinus has difficulty reading and writing, which is keeping him from getting his GED. Joellyn thinks a professional tutor can help Martinus overcome his learning disability and further his education.

"I used the money to give him a gift that will never be expected," Joellyn says. "It is a gift of freedom."

Joellyn knows just who to call—teacher Lilly Estella, who worked wonders with her son. By seventh grade, Joellyn's son still was reading at a fourth-grade level. After only a year of working with Lilly, he had caught up with his peers. Joellyn has confidence that Lilly can help Martinus in the same way.

Martinus hopes to start his own business someday, and he's grateful to Joellyn for her help. For her part, Joellyn hopes the tutoring makes a difference in Martinus's life. "I want Martinus to have hope and a future that enables him to choose what he wants to do—not do something because it is the only thing he can do," she says. "I believe that through education we attain freedom."


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