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Dallas attorney Karla Jackson receives the Pay It Forward Challenge the day before she heads home to Center, Texas, for her 10-year high school reunion. She knows right away that she wants a student from Center High School to have the $1000 to use for college.

While trying to find a worthy student, Karla hears about Center High's drum major, Todd Dock. A little investigating reveals that Todd is a talented musician, a good student and a well-respected leader on campus—a perfect candidate for Karla's generosity. Karla stops by her alma mater to surprise Todd with the news, and he is genuinely shocked, especially because he's never met Karla!

Since Todd is a junior, Karla donates the money to the Center High School Scholarship Fund and earmarks the funds so Todd will receive them during his senior year.

The return to high school brings back memories for Karla. "It made me think of what a great experience I had at Center High School," she says. "I had wonderful teachers who influenced me, and I'm positive they're influencing Todd as well. I'm excited for him and looking forward to hearing how he uses the money."


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