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With the help of her community, Michelle Hall of San Jose, California, says she turned her $1,000 into more than $30,000! Donations include cash, gift cards and materials—including $14,000 worth of materials from a local fabric store.

Michelle starts giving by choosing two great organizations to help: the Unity Care Group, which provides apartments for former foster children who have "aged out" of the system; and the San Jose Family Shelter, which provides food and rooms for 35 families.

Michelle splits the donated items and money between the two different organizations. At the Unity Care Group, Michelle uses the donated appliances, linens, mattresses and many other items to furnish several apartments for former foster children. Then she and a team of volunteers head to the San Jose Family Shelter, where they paint and clean the childcare center and fill it with toys!

And Michelle doesn't stop there! She attends a gala to raise money for a third cause: St. Anne's Home for the elderly. After asking attendees to match her Pay It Forward Challenge money, Michelle says more than $11,200 was promised!

"The joy of watching family and friends participate in doing good will for others is incredible," Michelle says. "My life has changed this week as I discovered strength from within and felt the joy of touching other lives."


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