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Angie Gregory of Milton, Kansas, decides to use her money toward a project close to her heart—women and children in need. Her first stop is the pediatric floor of a local hospital where she throws the kids a Halloween party! Not only does she buy costumes for the kids, but she also makes goodie bags and sets up pumpkin painting stations. "The kids had a great time and I believe the parents needed the break from the hospital rooms as much as their little patients," Angie says.

Next, Angie sets out to help a group of single mothers. She buys a computer and printer for a woman returning to college. Then, she buys several pairs of shoes for a mom who desperately needs them. Finally, she arranges for a family to get some new furniture.

And Angie isn't the only one in the spirit of giving. She says her Wichita community pitched in to help several other people—including a woman who needs dental work, a man who needs handrails at his home, and many others!

While Angie is sad she can't solve all the recipients' problems, she is happy she did what she could. "I really did feel another level of joy when I realized that these individuals didn't just receive a computer or a pair of new shoes," she says. "They also received some hope, joy and a little fun."