Stevie Brinkerhoff next to the faulty furnace she had replaced for a family

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When Stevie Brinkerhoff finds a family in need, she does more than help out—she quite possibly saves their lives. After a diagnostic check of their furnace, the family learns that it has a cracked heater exchange. Due to the threat of carbon-monoxide poisoning, the law states that the furnace has to be turned off and replaced.

Stevie decides to use her Pay It Forward Challenge money to help the family pay for their new furnace. While the money won't cover all the costs, it will definitely ease the financial burden.

Then, just when Stevie thought she had done everything possible, the local heating company gets in on the act. They work directly with the Trane Company to get a furnace donated to the family! Now Stevie's money can cover the furnace installation, and the family won't have any expenses.

"I loved thinking of all the possibilities," Stevie says. "I would much rather be the giver any time!"