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When Georgianna Brent set out to give away her Pay It Forward Challenge money in Detroit, she had no idea how easy it would be…or how good it would make her feel.

She begins by asking for guidance and finds herself in Target. After wandering the aisles, she goes to the registers and notices a mother and daughter having their purchases rung up. Georgianna makes Donna and Casey's day by offering to pay for everything. She even urges them to go back into the store for more, including hats and scarves for Donna's sister, who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

While she's waiting for Donna and Casey to finish shopping, Georgianna strikes up a conversation with Sheila, the cashier. As a single mother, Sheila can always use a little help, and Georgianna uses half her money to buy her a gift card. Donna and Casey bring back enough merchandise to finish off the other half, and Georgianna's work is done!

"I felt like a millionaire!" Georgianna says. "I could do things like this daily. I realize even more that I do have something to share with others."

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