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Brenda Greenlee
Brenda Greenlee decides to use her money to help Constance Walker, a 19-year-old single mother with a past no one would envy. One of nine children whose mother could not care for her, Constance grew up in series of unsafe and unsupportive homes. By 16, she was pregnant with her daughter Brianna.

Despite the difficulties, Constance finished high school—the first to do so in her family—and earned certification as a nursing assistant. She is determined to make a better life for herself and Brianna. She refuses any form of public assistance, but has the support of teachers and others who believe in her.

Brenda uses her Pay it Forward Challenge money to pay for Constance's winter utilities, buy her groceries and repair the brakes on her car. She also gives her money to buy Christmas gifts for Brianna and other family members.

"After talking [to] and helping this young lady, I realize how much I take for granted, especially for my family in my early childhood years," Brenda says. "It was a revealing and humbling experience for me."


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