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Aurora Bibona attended The Oprah Winfrey Show for the Pay It Forward Challenge, but at age 83, she decided to leave the leg work up to her daughter, Debra Murray. Aurora left Debra with specific instructions—she wanted the money to go to a cause affiliated with the hospital that helped her sick granddaughter.

After a little investigating, Debra discovers the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Children’s Hospital, which helps families of children suffering from cancer. Started by a local family who lost their young son to cancer, the Four Diamonds Fund helps pay the medical bills not covered by insurance for children treated for cancer at the hospital.

The assistant coordinator of the fund says, "It’s a big relief to families, because this allows them to focus on the health of their child and not have to worry about the cost of care." The fund also supports the pediatric cancer laboratories at the hospital, as well as the medical staff.

"It was [a] reminder to me how precious life is and how a simple act of kindness goes a long way," Debra says.