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After Franz and Kurt got home from the honeymoon, they did something really wild: They quit their jobs, sold their houses, gave away their belongings and set out on a two-year adventure around the world. Franz writes about their travels in his book Honeymoon with My Brother.

"Most people," Franz says, "after they've suffered a loss, go to a psychologist or a counselor. We got our lessons from penniless villagers in Africa or cab drivers in Trinidad or 80-year-old backpackers in Vietnam. They really helped prop us up and show us the world."

Before leaving on the final leg of their honeymoon, Kurt and Franz ran into his ex. "We were both completely shocked," Franz says. "I couldn't escape because she was sitting right by the exit of this deli [where] we were ordering sandwiches. ... I went up to her and I gave her a hug—partly because I told people all along [that that's what I'd do]. They said, 'If you ever run into her what would you do?' I said, 'I'd give her a hug because she really did me a huge favor.'"
FROM: How My Worst Moment Made Me a Star
Published on September 09, 2005


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