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Jamie says that while he's happy about getting nominated, he's more happy that Ray touched people's lives.

"When you look at Ray Charles, you have to believe in this," Jamie says. "And like I said, I wasn't a true believer a lot of times in the spirit of things. But when Ray Charles passed—and it was unfortunate that he passed before the movie came out—he left his spirit on it. When you're watching this movie, right on the edges of the film is Ray Charles giving you his spirit. So everybody is being able to feel what I feel at the same time because they're happy about it.

"I'm in New York and this lady walks upstairs. [She says,] 'If you don't get nominated, there's not a God.' And it was like everybody was rooting for this. So I really, if we were to…win the Oscar®, I would split it up in a million pieces and give it to everybody, because everybody is feeling the energy of this film."

Jamie talks more about his role in Ray and making the film!
FROM: Hilary Swank and Oscar® Nominees
Published on January 31, 2005


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