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How does first-time Oscar® host Jon Stewart feel after his big night?

"I got up at 5:30. I had half a melon and I began to Jazzercise, and I am ready," he jokes. "No, I'm exhausted!"

Now that all the Oscars have been awarded, Jon says he's pleased with his own performance.

"We did so much work and so much preparation, I didn't want to come out here and just screw it all up," Jon says. "So I was really happy that we got out and we accomplished what I thought we wanted to do, and the main thing was we wanted to have fun, because you never know, is something like this going to come your way again? ... I had too much fun. I had the kind of fun that could get you arrested. I had ugly fun!"

Jon says the best part of hosting was seeing rap group Three 6 Mafia accept their Oscar for Best Original Song. "Those guys brought an exuberance—a certain joy—where all of a sudden you went, 'Oh right, that's what you're supposed to do!' You're supposed to go, 'Oscar, oh my God, Oscar!'"
FROM: Oprah's After Oscar® Party 2006 from the Kodak Theatre
Published on March 06, 2006