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During Reese's emotional Oscar® acceptance speech, she thanked her parents, John and Betty Witherspoon, for always telling her how proud they were...whether she was making her bed or making a movie!

Reese's mother, Betty, says watching her daughter win an Academy Award® was one of her proudest moments. "You think that this will never happen...and then all of a sudden, you just scream with delight, and you're just thrilled and you just can't believe it," she says.

With all the media hype and Hollywood hoopla that surrounds an Oscar win, Reese says she relies on her family to keep her grounded...and no one does it better than her 6-year-old daughter, Ava.

"I talked to my daughter this morning, and I go, 'Honey, Mommy won the award last night,'" Reese says. "And she goes, 'I know, I know. And I lost my tooth two days ago, so I'm the first kid who lost a tooth in March!'"

"That keeps it real for you," Reese says.
FROM: Oprah's After Oscar® Party 2006 from the Kodak Theatre
Published on March 06, 2006


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