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What does Bill think about the ACLU?

In Bill's book, Culture Warrior, he talks about why he considers the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) a dangerous organization.

Audience Member: It's not a dangerous organization. It protects our rights. Sometimes you have to protect everybody's rights to protect people who might not deserve it.

Oprah: You said in one of the books, I can't remember which one, that they [the ACLU] say we have to protect the creeps in order to protect everybody else.

Bill: Yeah, but that's bull. ... The ACLU is much more than an advocacy group now. It's a political group. The Minutemen on the border, you know? You know how controversial they are? They're trying to draw attention to the fact that we don't have security on the border. Well, that's a protest. The Minutemen are protesting. You may disagree with them, but they're protesting. They're going down there on their own nickel to say we think this is wrong. Who's against them? The ACLU. Wait a minute: I thought they were supposed to be the people who protect protests? Huh-uh. They [the ACLU] don't like the Minutemen. It's a political organization now. It isn't an advocacy group any longer.
FROM: Oprah's Town Hall with Bill O'Reilly
Published on October 27, 2006