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What is the greatest danger in the world today?

Bill: We live in very, very demoralizing times. And we're a great country, I believe that. I think the spirit of America will prevail. I feel bad for President Bush. I think he caught a terrible break on 9/11. ... I don't think anybody was at fault for terrorism. I don't blame President Clinton for it. I'm not a blame guy. I think we'll prevail, but I think that this country is going to have to really get alert. We're gonna have to wise up and see the danger and really think about it without emotion and ideology.

Oprah: And what are the things that are most dangerous?

Bill: Iran is very, very dangerous. ...

Oprah: North Korea?

Bill: North Korea, I think China can contain North Korea. I do. But Iran worries me very much because Iran will get the weapons of mass destruction. They will give them to the terrorists and Cleveland can go up like that. So I think we have to pay attention to this jihad. We have to pay attention and we have to be a country. I really wish we would be more united—maybe the next president can do that—because once united, nobody's gonna beat America.
FROM: Oprah's Town Hall with Bill O'Reilly
Published on October 27, 2006


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