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After 10 books, Ken finally had a hit. Eye of the Needle was Ken's 11th book and his first success. Although Ken was thrilled with the best-seller, he wasn't satisfied. "The thought that crossed my mind immediately was, 'Okay, a lot of people write one great book, and am I going to be one of those people?'" he says. "I was immediately thinking, 'Now I'm concerned about the next book.'"

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Even before his breakthrough novel, Ken was toying with the idea of an adventure tale surrounding one of his personal obsessions—cathedrals. "I gave it up because, instinctively, I felt like I couldn't do it. It was too ambitious," Ken says.

Still, Ken couldn't shake the idea. "It just kept building up, and when I told writer friends about it they said, 'What a great idea,'" Ken says. "Publishers weren't so keen. They said, 'Ken, you've had a lot of success with Nazis and secret agents and spies. And now this is a book…it's set in the Middle Ages, right Ken? And it's about building a church. Are you sure?'"


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