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Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is the man who dreamed up the device that Oprah takes everywhere. "We started working on this several years ago," he says. "It takes a long time to design something like this, and we really wanted it to be something that would improve upon the book."

The Amazon Kindle is kind of like a cell phone, Jeff says. "It has a wireless radio built right into it and so you can shop right from the device. And anytime you want to get a book, you can have it in less than 60 seconds," he says.

That's a feature that Oprah's already put to the test many times. Right before a recent flight with Stedman, Oprah says she saw a book advertised in a newspaper she was reading and downloaded that very book as they were heading down the runway. "The other day, too, I didn't want to go out and get the paper. It was Sunday. It was raining," she says. "I go, 'I will download The New York Times,' and I just read from my bed on my Kindle."

Another one of Oprah's favorite features? The built-in dictionary! If you don't know a word, you only have to hit a button to get the definition instantly. "I was always trying to guess the definition from the context, and I found I'm not as good as guesser as I thought I was," Jeff says.

In addition to being able to download songs for background music, you can ask your Kindle any question that's on your mind. Simply send it off and a group of people called "electronic Turk workers" will research it and send you a reply within five minutes.

Afraid you might lose your Kindle? Jeff says Amazon's got you covered. "Every time you buy a book, we store an archival copy for you at Amazon," he says. "So if you ever want to delete something off your Kindle or if you lose your Kindle, you can always get your books back, re-download them back anytime you want for free."
FROM: Oprah's Favorite New Gadget
Published on October 29, 2008


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