It's a bird...it's a plane...it's what really happened during Oprah and Stedman's scare in the air. Oprah wants to clear up some rumors about her emergency landing during winter break.

Some media reported that a collision with a bird caused a crack in the cockpit window of Oprah's private plane—not true. Oprah says she and Stedman had just left Santa Barbara and were on their way to Hawaii when, about 40 minutes into the flight, the flight attendant told them they were turning the plane around because there was a crack in the windshield.

"Of course a million things go through your head," Oprah says. "Most people think about their children—I thought about my dogs."

Oprah and Stedman's plane was over the ocean at this point, and Oprah began to worry. "Stedman was really a rock," she says. "He turned to me and said, 'God did not bring you this far to let you drown [in the] ocean.' Then, he said, 'Where is your faith?' And I go, 'My faith is on land in Santa Barbara!'"

The plane landed safely in Santa Barbara, and then the rumors began! Tabloids speculated on the cause of the windshield crack, as well as Oprah's so-called post-trauma marriage plans! Oprah assures the audience, "I just want you to know...if ever I decide to get married, my audience will be the first to know!"

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Published on January 15, 2006


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